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Print Management From West London Print

Print Control Management

At West London Print we understand the need to ensure strong relationships with every segment of your supply chain. We are all under pressure to consistently delivery better service to our customers, and to add value to their organisations. We focus on the effective management of information for our customers, and it has enabled us to create a strategy to take out cost and add value to their business.


To ensure the true costs are identified, our strategy focuses on the costs of both the printed documents and the processing, and together we develop a plan to save you time and money across the life cycle of the document’s usage. The implementation of this type of strategy has saved money for our customers.


Many of our customers have realised between 10-40% reductions in procurement cost alone!


And it needn’t stop there. With the introduction of more efficient order processing procedures we can achieve further cost savings for you in your workplace.


Print Management really does Work!


So where are these costs to be found?


These costs can be broken down as:

1.5% Cost of forms (cost of product)

2.2% Procurement

3.3% Storage and distribution (within the company)

4.25% Management (internal control)

5.65% Usage


Market research has show that when you include the cost for ordering, storing, controlling and distributing your printed documents, the price of the actual printed product is a same portion of the total cost.


Given the fact that the majority of the expense is in using the printed product, it is important to focus on this area. Payroll costs and office productivity are often bigger cost issues to your company than the cost of the product itself!


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