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Product Description

QR Code Pens (Click Image)

As soon as you hold a QR code-capable smartphone over the pre-programmed QR code imprint, you receive all linked information directly — individually tailored to your requirements.

Example applications:

Business cards With all important contact information including a call function

Social Media Channels All information/news on your product and service range

WiFi Connection With direct access to the corresponding Wi-Fi network (e.g. hotel industry)

Events Announce your trade fairs with all important data

Choose your favourite ball pen design from 7 of our popular model families:



Super Hit





Here are just a few exciting ways you can use them:

🖊 Event Sign-Ups: Place QR codes on pens at events or conferences, allowing attendees to quickly sign up for newsletters or special offers. 

🖊Product Demos: Include QR codes on pens linked to product demo videos or tutorials, offering customers an immersive experience right from their smartphones. 🖊Feedback Forms: Simplify feedback collection by attaching QR codes to pens that direct users to online surveys or feedback forms. 

🖊Social Media Engagement: Encourage users to follow your social media channels by scanning QR codes on pens, driving online engagement and brand awareness. 

🖊Exclusive Offers: Reward customers with exclusive discounts or promotions by scanning QR codes on pens, creating a sense of exclusivity and value. 

🖊Linked Business Cards: Embed QR codes on pens that link directly to your digital business card, making networking seamless and memorable. 

🖊Accessible Catalogues: Attach QR codes to pens that lead customers to your online product catalogue, allowing them to explore your offerings conveniently on-the-go. 

🖊Charity Donations: Make a difference by attaching QR codes to pens that enable users to donate to charitable causes directly, fostering goodwill and social responsibility. 

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