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Printed Tyvek Envelopes


Flexible strength

Adapts to irregular shaped contents without losing strength


Strong & durable

Tear, burst and puncture resistant.  Ideal for bulky items.


Water resistant

Water runs straight off without seeping in

keeping contents dry, perfect for archival storage.



Up to 3 times lighter than paper, making it cheaper to

mail and transport.



A responsible packaging choice



Can be overprinted to add a luxurious look and enhance

your company image.

DuPont Tyvek® envelopes offer a unique combination of lightweight strength, superior protection and a striking professional appearance, designed to give your business mailings an aura of luxury.


There is no mistaking the gorgeous look and feel of Dupont Tyvek® envelopes.  Made from non-woven mesh of 100% high density polyethylene fibres and easily recognised by its swirling texture and soft lustrous sheen.

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